Tuesday, July 21, 2009

First Real Bear

This is the first real bear on Land of Bears.

We went camping to Vogel State Park. After we finished setting up camp Hubby was going to wipe down when he called me over. As a second thought he add "Leave the girls." Meandering down the road was this little guy. Later on we saw signs that apparently he had been roaming the park for awhile looking for food from lazy campers. He looked to be around two maybe three and not healthy. I'm not sure if he was sick or malnourished.

Now this was Hubby's first bear but it was my second. Therefore my instinct took over and I walked hurriedly after the bear to get a photo. Intelligence stopped me from getting closer so sorry about the photo but if I hadn't been holding my Taco Bell drink cup I probably would have gotten a lot closer. Much to my Husbands dismay. Wouldn't my Mom be so proud! Okay that was complete sarcasm. If you knew my Mother you would be rolling on the floor. We didn't even tell her we saw the bear until after we got back home. She would have been beside herself for days until she got our call.

That was the only time we saw the bear. However I was definitely more on edge than normal. Now I've camped for years and there has always been the caution for bears but I had never spotted one. I was a little neurotic when it came to food smells at camp. We always put our food up and in the vehicles but if the girls got extra messy while eating I even put their clothes in the car. Just being extra careful made me feel a little better but I wish I wasn't a night time pottier because that was stressful.

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  1. Oh my, I would have freaked out! We used to hike in the mountains and we knew bears were around but as soon as we smelled one I was gone!