Thursday, December 10, 2009

She's A Genius

Daddy put Teagan in bed for her nap, and put Kaitlyn on the changing table, to change her and the following is Daddy and Teagan’s conversation.

Teagan – Why you have to change her butt?

Daddy – Cause she has a big potty butt.

Teagan – You need to get more diapers, Daddy.

Daddy – We don't need more diappers.

Teagan – You need to get more diapers, Daddy.

Daddy – You need to take a nap.

Teagan – You need to calm down, Daddy.

Daddy – I am calm.


Daddy – I don't think you know what that means, Teagan.

Teagan – I'm a genius, Daddy.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Visit with Santa

The girls did not really like Santa last year. In fact they were scared of him. I wanted a picture with Santa for this year but because of last year's issues I was reluctant. So when I saw that Walmart was having a free Santa I didn't want to let it pass.

I dressed the girls in their Christmas dresses. We actually had to stop by Target first and get new dress shoes since last years were too small. I know why go to Target when I was heading to Walmart. Simple, selection. Teagan got cute black dress shoes and Kaitlyn got ruby red sparkle shoes (I love them the most and so does she).

We get to Walmart and the Santa was very nice. It took both girls a moment to warm up but it helped that he had candy. The key to their little hearts. Although Kaitlyn didn't tell him what she wanted until she was back safely in Mommy's arms.

I know it was free but the Santa was really fake. Fake beard, fake belly. And I think he was around my age. Bummer. Since it went rather well I want to go to see a better Santa but Hubby says no way. Too much of a hassle I suppose.

Here are the girls and a Walmart Santa. Unfortunately you can't see Kaitlyn's shoes!

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Black Friday Marathon

Black Friday shopping. Did you go? Have you ever gone? I happen to love shopping on Black Friday. There is a rush that is better than espresso yet doesn’t last as long. I guess it’s a mixture of the lack of sleep from getting up and out so early, the crispness of the air as you wait to get into your first stop and the actual vibe you get from the other shoppers sharing in the experience. Most people are rather nice. Talkative as you wait. A giddiness resembling little school kids doing something taboo. Like you, they are looking for the deal and are willing to give up some creature comforts to get said deal.

For years I went alone. Battled the throngs with no one slowing me down. I can’t imagine having a companion to fight the jewelry counter with. If you have never been the jewelry counter is by far the most vicious of shopping arenas. Women will step on you and shove you out of the way for clearance pearls. Toys are bad but at least there you can grab and don’t have to wait on someone to get it out of a locked case.

Three years ago was the first time I had a partner. I actually had two. At the time I was almost nine months pregnant with our second child and Hubby couldn’t see letting me go alone. I’m not sure if the concern was for me, our unborn child, or silly people that would get in the way of crazy prego woman. Either way together we mapped out a plan. He left most of it me as he only really wanted to go to one computer store. I set out before 4 a.m. with Hubby and Teagan, who had just turned one. It was quick and painless. In and out of all the stores. I knew where everything was and we grabbed and went. His computer store took the longest as they didn’t seem as well prepared for mass customers. We were done within three hours and topped the wonderful morning off with breakfast out.

I thought it was a great experience and it opened me up to the thought of future companion shopping.

The next year we had Grandma and Grandpa staying for the Thanksgiving holiday so they agreed to watch the bears so Hubby and I could go Black Friday shopping alone. This year we went to Best Buy to snag a laptop for me. I was so stoked because I have never owned my own computer. I have had several joint pc’s but nothing just mine. When we finally got past the velvet ropes they were sold out. Major bummer. However the sales guys were super nice and helped us find one that was a little more expensive but worth it. I have the laptop and stand off to the side while Hubby goes to look at something else. While standing there another associate asks me if I was looking to buy a laptop. I told him yes but the one I really wanted had been sold out. He said “Do you mean this one? I just found a stack of them.” It was the one I wanted and I could have hugged the guy. I’ve had this laptop for a year and still love, love, love it. Hubby and I ended up spending way too much money but I have to admit we use it all and often. After that we went to several other stores and arrived back home right as the bears were waking up.

Most of you know I have been out of work for a very long time and Hubby has also hit a snag in employment. So this year is going to be lean regardless. With that in mind I scrutinized the Black Friday ads this year very carefully. Since we already have a great T.V. with electronics, great computers and a camera that works (I hate it but can’t justify buying a new one when it does the job) I didn’t find anything worth getting up early for. However Mom was going and since I love the fun I decided to tag along.

First let me say I love my Mom. She is one of my closest friends and is and always has been Super Mom. Downright perfect in every way.

That being said I will never go shopping with her again. I am use to a two hour marathon of grabbing and going to the next eight stores. Mom is a marathon shopper too. But a time marathon. We started at 3:30 AM and ended at 1:30 PM. Ten hours, six stores, and three stores twice. She would buy so many things we would have to check out to take it to the car and then go back for more. I had walked for so long my hip started to hurt. Mom was fine. Decades older than me and she was running circles around my gimp butt. Finally I had to throw in the towel. She dropped me off and then went out to more stores. I have no idea how she did it. Now mom was a little loopy at the end of the day and had a zombie stare to her but she certainly put me to shame.

I will go shopping next year but I will either go alone or with Hubby. I can only take one year of being humiliated and left wasted the next day.