Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good Morning To You Too

After getting ready for work I come out of the bedroom to head out the door but not before I get my hugs and kisses from the bears. Only to be greeted by Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn ~ Mommy...your's a disaster!

What a way to start your day.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rachael Ray Show Part III

Here is the Before Shot.

Kyan Douglas and my before hair.

Kenny and Ira.

Laurie and I.

Dean, myself and Dan.

Rachael Ray Show.

Kyan Douglas (Rachael Ray) and I after studio.

Ms. M and I.

After hair.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Rachael Ray Show Part II

For our first day of shooting the producers wanted to do a reenactment of my hair dying experience and then off to the salon to meet Kyan Douglas and fix my hair. Since I was in New York and not home we went to Ms. M's apartment to do the reenactment. Here is where I met Dan a director of sorts and the camera guy Ira and sound guy Kenny. Dan was great but I love Ira and Kenny. They were the friendliest guys and what I hope are typical New Yorkers.

Ira and Kenny set up lights and the boom mic. Looking at what the camera would see and making sure it was flattering. They both wanted what was best for the segment but also had me in mind. I truly felt that way. Especially since Ira would let me know if my nose was a little shiny or to straighten my shirt. All the while they were spot on professionals. I could tell they knew their trade like no others.

Dan wanted what was good for TV. Not that it was a negative thing but at the same time boring wasn't going to cut it. Off camera Dan would ask me a question and after I would give my answer he would critique it a little. "More animation", "give me a big hand gesture." He at times would reword what I said but if I felt that I wouldn't personally say that or it was not fully true I would just repeat what I had previously said. It didn't frustrate him at all and for that I was thankful. I wasn't pushed to say or do anything that wasn't me. Mainly he would help to rearrange my words which wasn't a big deal. In fact if I could get an editor for what I write I would jump at the chance.

At the apartment we filmed the interview section and of course the re-dye. No it wasn't real dye. My hair was already a problem they didn't want to make it worse. They used conditioner for this scene. Here was the only point that I wish I hadn't done something. During the reenactment I was asked to hold a hand mirror as if I was trying to look at the back of my head while dying it. Okay I would have never done this in real life but I did for the filming. Seriously. What woman does that? None. Not a huge deal but of course I felt foolish.

During the filming Ira was trying to get artistic shots so he is standing on the counter zooming in and out on my head. It was hard not to laugh. I'd be mimicking putting on make-up or applying hair dye and he'd be an inch from my face zooming in and circling my head. At one point I shot him a crazy eyeball and he laughed saying "just act natural" and he laughed some more. At least we were both feeling the funny vibe. Like I said I love Ira.

We broke for lunch and then we were to regroup at the salon where I'd get to meet Kyan. I guess it's a New York thing but not a soul blinked when a camera crew walked in or when Kyan did. Smooth I tell ya.

When I was formally introduced to Kyan all the first time jitters were gone. He immediately put me at ease and I swear it was if we had known each other for years. I've met a few celebrities (plenty of wanna-be's) and Kyan is by far the most genuine and down to earth star. I'd like to think it's the native Floridian coming out. It was a pleasure to get to meet him and I will forever hold it as the highlight of this entire adventure.

We shot a couple of intro scenes. In fact I got to "intro" hug Kyan five times before it was a good one. Not complaining. We both found it funny and kept giving each other smirky smiles.

I got miked me up for the next segment and this is why I love Kenny. As I said the previous post my lovely friend Kristi came on this journey with me. She was over on a couch, avoiding the cameras like they were the plaque. I went over before taping the dye and cut because I just knew I had a booger and needed to blow my nose. Of course I said this to her while requesting a Kleenex. As she is looking through her purse, Kenny on the other side of the room is waving a box of Kleenex saying "Jenn, here you go." Never talk privately with a mic on. I love Kenny.

At this point we start the next scene. Here Kyan discusses what he wants done with the dye and has Laurie, the supremely awesome terrific hair stylist extraordinaire, take over. She is the best. Not only because she is a Mother of two young kids so of course we have endless things in common but what she does to lift and redye my hair is beyond phenomenal. It came out beautifully.

Next Dean comes in to cut and style the new coiff. He gave me a very modern cut. I'm still not sure if it is "me" but I get compliments on the style all the time and it really is flattering. I guess I'm just not as hip as my hair now looks.

We take a few pictures and say good buy until the next day.

A staffer picks up at the hotel and walks us down to the studio. After he drops us in a conference room we wait. And wait. And wait. No one is coming to get me for hair and make-up and the time is getting closer to when we are to begin taping. Finally some one comes and is astonished I haven't been made up yet and rushes me into the hair room.

Here I find Dean and an assistant ready to go. Yesterday Dean had said not to wash my hair. I should have known better as my hair absorbs and freakishly uses any product. The stuff they used the day before left my hair wild and untameable. So they decide to wash me. Have I said the time was short? After the stage head came in and warned them I needed to go to make-up they decided to up the ante and put two hair dryers on me at once. Oh, that blew a fuse. So as we wait for the on-site electrician to come in they are trying to air dry my hair by running four hands through it. It was like a bad hair styling at a wine infused slumber party. The electrical guy comes in and pushes a button and we have power again. He pushes that little red button that is on all outlets. Jeesh.

They get the front done enough to start straightening it while blow drying the back and this time when the stage head comes in she is followed by the head of make-up. Who proceeds to apply base as they are straightening, blow drying and balming my tresses. Real movie star here.

Finally the head of make-up gets snippy and says my hair is good enough and whisks me away. Okay I broke out and laughed at this. It was frantic and their stress was making me surprisingly calm. In the make-up room the head of make-up starts in on the full face. She tells me "I'm so thankful you don't have some disfigurement or ugly skin I have to worry about covering up." I bust out laughing again and tell her I'll be sure to thank my Mom. She dead stares at me and says "You do that, you thank your Mom" and laughs as well. Barely finished with my lipstick and the stage head says "I need Jennifer now." It's nice to be wanted.

Next thing I know I'm in the green room before heading to the stage. I was still not nervous. I guess with rushing through the preparation I didn't have time to dwell on the studio filming. The stage head takes me by the hand and she leads me down the hall giving me pointers. Do this, don't do that. The only thing I really remember is her telling me to look at Rachael during the before/after shot and the rest was honestly a blur. Back stage I get reunited with Kyan. He gives me a cheek peck and reassures me I'll be great and to just be myself. He goes on stage for a minute or so and I watch the background piece of me backstage. My first thought was of course, damn I'm fat. With this lovely contemplation they take me on stage to sit me under a dryer. Here is where I meet Mrs. Rachael Ray.

We are introduced and she flashes her comforting smile and says hello. She then tries to break my cool by telling me how beautiful I am which of course is always a compliment but even more from her. I think I muttered a thank you or maybe just a mix of a laugh and a grunt. Some gent then breaks my hypnosis by running through what was going to happen...look straight ahead...look at Rachael during the before/after shot. I'm sure the same thing the stage head had told me, yet once again I barely remember much of it.

1...2...3...(action) These few moments went by so fast that I'm not sure if I did anything but grin like a drunk fool. They talked to me and from the tape I see I talked back but I was in the land of in-between a dream and the facts are not clear. Next thing I know the camera guy yells "clear" and Rachael is once again personally talking to me. She tells me I did great and that she she loves my hair but liked the calico look too. We say good bye and that was the last lovely moment of our meeting. Short and sweet and from what I experienced, all be it brief, she is as wonderful in person as she portrays on TV.

I waited back stage for a moment then was taken back to the green room. Here I get to snag a couple of pictures of me with Kyan and Ms. M for my scrapbook and I'm bid a fond farewell and it was over.

It was rushed from the get go and I didn't really absorb all of it for days after by replaying the events in my mind. I had a wonderful time and met some extraordinary people. It was everything I expected with a little more humor. I would like to thank every one associated with the Rachael Ray Show as they have given me a memory that I will look back on fondly. And a special thanks to my wonderful friend Kristi who made my trip a thousand times more fun and memorable than it would have been without her. It was amazing to be on TV and all that goes with it.

Come back tomorrow for pictures.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rachael Ray Show Part 1

It's been years since I've dyed my hair. Being pregnant essentially for two years and then adjusting to the hectic schedule as a Mom I did not set the time or expense aside for coloring. As the dust started to settle I noticed that the gray had came in with a bang. It wasn’t all over but unless I wore my hair curly it was extremely noticeable.

I guess it started to get to me because I asked my brutally honest friend Kristi if it made me look old. With a nice but firm yes and with the complete blessing of super hubby, I decided to dye my hair my preferred color of red.

I chose to do the dye job in the garage with bad lighting and a fuzzy mirror because I like a challenge. No really it’s because my rental has new Berber carpet that I didn't want to pay to get redone due to dye splatter. It happens even to the most talented of us.

I donned my gloves and slathered every strand, let it sit, then washed it out. Looked good. Then I realized my crown was not really done. Gray hair peaked out at me from the temples. So I grabbed the bottle and re-dyed the crown. Let it sit, rinsed. Noticed that the sides behind the ears had patchy places. Freaking out at this point I made, even more super, hubby look it over and find any other spots I may have missed. He looked and it was just the sides. So I re-re-dyed the sides. At this point there is no more dye so if it doesn't work, oh well. I sit and after I rinse I didn't even bother looking. I watched my DVR'd American Idol and went to bed.

The next morning I perused the hair and the one section on the right that I re-re-dyed still had a half inch that didn't take. So I cut it off with scissors. :-) Oh yes, I'm serious.

The over all color was okay. A little too bright in places, almost pink in others but it was red. It made my skin look creamy which makes me look youthful. I honestly was happy. You have to take into account that I have dyed my hair many colors. Some not found naturally in nature.

That weekend I was catching up on my favorite sites, mainly my cooking sites, and landed on the Rachael Ray Show. Love her. After looking around I saw a questionnaire about dying or hair cutting mistakes. Deciding I had nothing to lose I submitted my story.

That Monday I got a call from New York. Yeah, I know no one in New York so I let my trusty voice mail do its job. A wonderful lady, Ms. M, leaves me a message saying she is from the Rachael Ray Show and would like to talk to me about my story. No lie. I couldn’t believe it. After I compose myself I call her back. Ms. M asks me to retell the story and I do and then she asks if I would be interested in flying to New York, have my dye job fixed by a professional and be on the Rachael Ray Show. Of course is my answer. Oh and it’s not just any professional. It’s Kyan Douglas from Queer Eye and Ten Years Younger. So, double yes.

Ms. M asks me to send in some pictures of my current and my before hair and that if the show gets the go ahead she’ll call me. Well I call up my brutally honest pal and tell her she rocks because since she helped to convince me to loose the gray it may land me on T.V. Well Kristi is a huge fan and volunteers her tourist savvy self to join me if I get the call.

When Friday rolls around I figure it’s not a go and it was a nice daydream while it lasted. Then Ms. M calls. They want to do the segment and will fly me out Tuesday. Holy wow!

On Monday, Kyan Douglas gave me a call to discuss my hair. I watched him on Ten Years Younger so as soon as I heard his voice I knew who it was. I was driving and actually pulled over to be able to absorb all this positive energy. I seriously did not think talking with a celebrity would make me star struck. It didn't hurt that he was funny and sounded truly genuine. I told him the story and we talked about what I wanted. Red hair. Which he thought was a perfect fit for me. Melting. We laughed a few times (I got Kyan to laugh) and said good bye until we would meet that Wednesday at the salon to fix my hair. At this point I was so stoked I could barely stand it. The next day Kristi and I hop on a plane for New York.

Now obviously the story doesn’t end there but due to me signing a document or two I am not allowed to say anymore until after the show airs tomorrow, Thursday, April 15th on the Rachael Ray Show. Check your local listings for the new episode and make sure you watch my television d├ębut.