Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rachael Ray Show Part 1

It's been years since I've dyed my hair. Being pregnant essentially for two years and then adjusting to the hectic schedule as a Mom I did not set the time or expense aside for coloring. As the dust started to settle I noticed that the gray had came in with a bang. It wasn’t all over but unless I wore my hair curly it was extremely noticeable.

I guess it started to get to me because I asked my brutally honest friend Kristi if it made me look old. With a nice but firm yes and with the complete blessing of super hubby, I decided to dye my hair my preferred color of red.

I chose to do the dye job in the garage with bad lighting and a fuzzy mirror because I like a challenge. No really it’s because my rental has new Berber carpet that I didn't want to pay to get redone due to dye splatter. It happens even to the most talented of us.

I donned my gloves and slathered every strand, let it sit, then washed it out. Looked good. Then I realized my crown was not really done. Gray hair peaked out at me from the temples. So I grabbed the bottle and re-dyed the crown. Let it sit, rinsed. Noticed that the sides behind the ears had patchy places. Freaking out at this point I made, even more super, hubby look it over and find any other spots I may have missed. He looked and it was just the sides. So I re-re-dyed the sides. At this point there is no more dye so if it doesn't work, oh well. I sit and after I rinse I didn't even bother looking. I watched my DVR'd American Idol and went to bed.

The next morning I perused the hair and the one section on the right that I re-re-dyed still had a half inch that didn't take. So I cut it off with scissors. :-) Oh yes, I'm serious.

The over all color was okay. A little too bright in places, almost pink in others but it was red. It made my skin look creamy which makes me look youthful. I honestly was happy. You have to take into account that I have dyed my hair many colors. Some not found naturally in nature.

That weekend I was catching up on my favorite sites, mainly my cooking sites, and landed on the Rachael Ray Show. Love her. After looking around I saw a questionnaire about dying or hair cutting mistakes. Deciding I had nothing to lose I submitted my story.

That Monday I got a call from New York. Yeah, I know no one in New York so I let my trusty voice mail do its job. A wonderful lady, Ms. M, leaves me a message saying she is from the Rachael Ray Show and would like to talk to me about my story. No lie. I couldn’t believe it. After I compose myself I call her back. Ms. M asks me to retell the story and I do and then she asks if I would be interested in flying to New York, have my dye job fixed by a professional and be on the Rachael Ray Show. Of course is my answer. Oh and it’s not just any professional. It’s Kyan Douglas from Queer Eye and Ten Years Younger. So, double yes.

Ms. M asks me to send in some pictures of my current and my before hair and that if the show gets the go ahead she’ll call me. Well I call up my brutally honest pal and tell her she rocks because since she helped to convince me to loose the gray it may land me on T.V. Well Kristi is a huge fan and volunteers her tourist savvy self to join me if I get the call.

When Friday rolls around I figure it’s not a go and it was a nice daydream while it lasted. Then Ms. M calls. They want to do the segment and will fly me out Tuesday. Holy wow!

On Monday, Kyan Douglas gave me a call to discuss my hair. I watched him on Ten Years Younger so as soon as I heard his voice I knew who it was. I was driving and actually pulled over to be able to absorb all this positive energy. I seriously did not think talking with a celebrity would make me star struck. It didn't hurt that he was funny and sounded truly genuine. I told him the story and we talked about what I wanted. Red hair. Which he thought was a perfect fit for me. Melting. We laughed a few times (I got Kyan to laugh) and said good bye until we would meet that Wednesday at the salon to fix my hair. At this point I was so stoked I could barely stand it. The next day Kristi and I hop on a plane for New York.

Now obviously the story doesn’t end there but due to me signing a document or two I am not allowed to say anymore until after the show airs tomorrow, Thursday, April 15th on the Rachael Ray Show. Check your local listings for the new episode and make sure you watch my television d├ębut.

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