Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Prissy Girl

I am raising a little a girl. A little prissy girl.

We went camping this past weekend, which is an entirely different post. A post I promise to write. I only mention the camping to help illustrate my point.

Throughout the weekend my Kai-Bear would repeatedly ask me to wipe her hands. Because they were dirty. She has no problem getting them dirty. She is as outgoing and tomboyish as she can be. But when the fun is over, it’s time to get clean. Immediately.

When it’s time to get dressed in the morning her first request is always a dress. One she can spin around in and tell us over and over again that she is a Princess. Kaitlyn now specifies that “I’m your Princess Mommy.” Yes, yes she is.

We also have “costumes” that she loves to dress-up in. This is only done on rare days since it tends to be more of a hassle for me than anything. For she gets in her Bat Girl costume or Dora dress or Snow White dress only to twirl and run and jump for a bit and then want to change again. I have to be in a particular mood to accomplish the wardrobe requirements for my Princess.

With these wardrobe adventures shoes are not supplied. There is no need. We are in the house and not going outside. Occasionally she will take it upon herself to fetch out some dressy shoes and that is okay. But the shoes she has are normal shoes. Shoes that Kaitlyn and Teagan wear all the time. That is until yesterday.

Some how my little imp found the shoes to her Snow White dress. Actually she found the Snow White and Cinderella shoes and of course since the Cinderella shoes are pink those are the ones she claimed. These are not normal shoes. These shoes have a heel. In fact I purposely took the shoes away before she could become attached when they got the dresses to avoid falls and sprained ankles.

Kaitlyn not only took her shoes out of hiding but gave the other pair to Teagan. Kaitlyn has worn them for two days solid. Teagan puts them on and takes them off. She’s not as fanatical about them as Kaitlyn.

To the point were Kaitlyn tried to wear them to bed last night. Hiding them under her sheets as quick as she could so maybe I wouldn’t see. Ha! I’m Momma and am omniscient.

So for all my ladies out there who hate heels or think they don’t make an outfit. I give you heels with pink shorts.