Monday, December 7, 2009

Visit with Santa

The girls did not really like Santa last year. In fact they were scared of him. I wanted a picture with Santa for this year but because of last year's issues I was reluctant. So when I saw that Walmart was having a free Santa I didn't want to let it pass.

I dressed the girls in their Christmas dresses. We actually had to stop by Target first and get new dress shoes since last years were too small. I know why go to Target when I was heading to Walmart. Simple, selection. Teagan got cute black dress shoes and Kaitlyn got ruby red sparkle shoes (I love them the most and so does she).

We get to Walmart and the Santa was very nice. It took both girls a moment to warm up but it helped that he had candy. The key to their little hearts. Although Kaitlyn didn't tell him what she wanted until she was back safely in Mommy's arms.

I know it was free but the Santa was really fake. Fake beard, fake belly. And I think he was around my age. Bummer. Since it went rather well I want to go to see a better Santa but Hubby says no way. Too much of a hassle I suppose.

Here are the girls and a Walmart Santa. Unfortunately you can't see Kaitlyn's shoes!

Merry Christmas!

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