Friday, July 17, 2009

Poor Meow-Meow

Every child will have their favorite stuffed animal, doll, action figure that they carry with them everywhere. One that will give them comfort when they are upset or shares the bed when they go to sleep. Teagan has had a few toys that have filled this position. When she was a baby she had “bug.” A rattle, crunchy, multicolored, chewing drool catcher. We would not leave the house without bug. For almost 9 months this was her best friend. To the point that once at daycare on a totally inconsolable day the caretaker got Bug out of her car seat. Even though outside toys were strictly forbidden. Kaitlyn has not had such a friend. Her go to item has always been her BiBi. (I’ve mentioned before that BiBi is what the bears call their blankets.) As a baby and now into her toddler years, toys come and go but the only constant for Kaitlyn is BiBi.

Teagan being almost three, moved past bug a long time ago. Like her sister she has a BiBi but no new toy really stuck until her Gammaw and Poppy gave her Meow-Meow. Meow-Meow is a fluffy white animated cat. It was programmed to purr, meow, open and close its eyes, twitch its ears, move its tail and when petted it would actually sit down and after a few seconds would raise itself back up. If you pulled Meow-Meow’s tail it would growl and hiss. It would also do this if you operated a laptop too close to it. Which my Dad (Poppy) and I found hilarious and a fun game.

Meow-Meow is Teagan’s buddy. It sleeps with her every night. Has shared many a car ride and on occasion has been allowed to sit at the table while she eats. Meow-Meow has even gone on family vacations. As I felt that being in a strange environment her friendly pal might bring security. Which she did.

Meow-Meow is almost a year old. This year has been remorseless on Meow-Meow. Imagine being dragged along day in and day out by a careless two year old. One who loves you dearly but does not know how to really take care of you. Teagan has never let me brush her coat as “it hurts.” Teagan has also tossed poor Meow-Meow around so much that three legs are broken and one is sprained. I stopped replacing the batteries since the legs are broken because when it tries to stand up it looks like the cat is going into convulsions and I would rather not etch that image on my child’s memory. Just recently both ears have fallen off the cat’s head. This unfortunate though loved toy is on its last legs. Literally. Yet the loving and playing with has not even begun to wane. I’m not sure how bad Meow-Meow will look when Teagan finally gives her up. But this is her before and after photos currently. The object at Meow-Meow’s feet is an ear. Poor Meow-Meow.

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