Sunday, June 7, 2009

Potty Training Process

Teagan is 2. 5 and is very conscious of the potty. Conscious enough that I know it is time to start thinking about potty training. She is showing all the signs and I swear it's not just because really want to have at least one child out of diapers.

The entire potty training process is daunting. There are so many thoughts and theories on how to train your child. There is three day boot camp, treats, stickers, and little potty versus potty seat. I've researched it all, yet I kept in mind that each child is different physically and emotionally.

Teagan, however, is a genius. Therefore I just bought a potty seat and a stool. She used it once, maybe twice but did not like the wobble of a seat on a seat. Thus she didn't want to learn. Without her desire I also put it off. And put it off. Made some additional excuses and put it off some more.

The time has come and at this point no excuses will do. I went to a bulls-eye of a store and found a $10 dollar little potty. Teagan liked the one with a face and a handle or the one that played a little ditty but as much as this is for her I have to clean and take care of it. Ten dollars it is.

I unpacked said little potty and she was very excited to "use" it. The first night I got three pee-pees. She wiped herself and even pulled up her own pants. Then came the next day.

She has showed no real interest. Once or twice I got her to sit down but the enthusiasm was gone. I was really hoping for a poop in the potty as that has not been achieved yet. I am not discouraged. Tomorrow is another day.

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