Thursday, June 4, 2009

Camping With Bears - Post 3

Our entire camping trip seemed like we were always close to cool, refreshing water yet never got our feet wet. Especially annoying since most of the time we were hot and sweaty because we climbed hills to see these beautiful refreshing places of water. So on our final day of camp we decided to check out the local tubing outfitter. That’s right we wanted to see if they would allow us to take our 2.5 and 1.5 year olds down class 2 rapids.

We went to Cool River Tubing ( in Helen, Georgia. They said that tons of people took their kids down but they discouraged infants. INFANTS?! I felt I was slightly nuts taking my toddlers, yet other people are trying to take their infants down the river.
I wanted to have Kaitlyn with me as she is the baby and I’m too neurotic to trust her to anybody but me. So Daddy was in charge of Teagan. We got little life jackets for the girls and grabbed two tubes.

We linked our tubes together and I sat down with Kaitlyn and Daddy sat down with Teagan. To make sure everything was workable we stayed near the beginning for a few moments. Good thing as Teagan looks over to Daddy and says “You need to get out.” Daddy asks “what?” “Daddy, you need to get out.” Up the hill he went and grabbed a kid’s tube for Teagan and we were off.

At first I was in severe Mommy mode and was clutching Kaitlyn like she was the last bag of chocolate left on earth. While I also lectured Daddy to watch Teagan and pointing out he wasn’t being as diligent and apprehensive as he should be. To which he laughed and told me to lighten up.

It didn’t take long and I was enjoying the ride with the rest of them. Teagan was definitely nervous at first but that diminished after the first rapid. Instantly a perma-grin lined her little face and she was ready for the fun. I held Kaitlyn in a sitting position so she could see what was going on. Sometimes she would fidget and I’d lay her on me. At one point I suppose she “rested” too long and actually started to fall asleep. Ah, she is her Mother’s daughter. I love to sleep in the sun and my many sunburns can attest to this partiality. I sat her up and she discovered a new enormously cool game; slapping the water with her feet. This became the ultimate amusement on and off for the remainder of the hour long trip.

I have been white water rafting, canoeing and tons of boat trips but this was hands down the best time I have ever had on the water. I’m positive the exhilaration and delight of my girls was the major factor of the enjoyment. I wish I could say that everything went without a hitch but alas this is reality.

Towards the end of the trip we came up to a solid class 2 rapid. Now by myself this would not have been an issue. However I was not alone and my sight was slightly obscured when we hit. Kai-Bear and I went over the rapid and my big feet planted which caused us to flip. Neurotic Mom to the rescue. I was under water but I held that baby up so her butt didn’t even touch the water. I stood up with some trouble due to the rapids but luckily Daddy had gotten the tubes to stop and held them until we could get to him. During this time I seriously don’t recall any fear all I know is that I was going to get my baby to the tube and safety. Which we did with help from Daddy, since I have a bulbous butt and squeezing a donut lover into a donut is tricky.

Even with the little tumble I had more fun than I thought was possible. We will definitely do this again and hopefully soon. And might I add that once in the car Teagan passed out from the adrenaline rush and just shy of refused to get up to eat dinner. Below are some photos for your viewing pleasure.

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  1. That looks like so much fun! way to rescue baby!! :)