Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Good Addiction

I have a slight addiction that I’m secretly proud of. Every day for over two hours I enter on-line contests. Most of you just laughed and said no big deal. Let me rephrase my obsession. Every day I enter over 150 contests. Ranging from lotions to grills, sometimes even jewelry. I visit over 150 websites to enter these various contests. Doing the required entry sometimes entails visiting the sponsor’s website to review their products for an interesting fact or other wonderful gotta have item to comment on in the sweepstakes website.

Don’t get me wrong I have won things. A canvas tote bag, a candle, capris and even that grill I mentioned. It’s a portable charcoal grill, not extravagant but completely cool. I only enter contest for items I would actually want. I’m not trying to win things and sell them on Ebay. Something my Husband has suggested several times. These prizes are things I want. Things that would make kitchen duty a little easier or me smell a little better.

But I have to admit that the reason my habit is so intense is do to the fact that I get more than just the chance at the prize. For every contest I enter I get a minute or more to fantasize about winning. What would I do with $10,000? How would I enjoy that wilderness getaway in Portland? How cute would Teagan look in that flower dress? I love to win but I love to lose myself in these mini fantasies. Like most people my little family is going through extremely hard times. The tunnel is long and some days I swear there isn’t an end. So instead of becoming depressed and destructive with the present being so gloomy I take a mental break. I dream of things not conquered by today. And sometimes I get a tangible twinkle of a dream.

I won these Akoya Pearls from http://www.feelslikehomeblog.com/ and I might not have any place to wear such beautiful pearls to right now but as my Husband told me “That’s not the point of jewelry.”


  1. Wow those pearls look great on you:) I often do the same as you when my tunnel is so long that I can't see the light. For me I go and look at dream kitchens and homes to go along with it. I know we will get there someday and I wish alot that things didnt always have to be a struggle. I guess thats why we learn to appreciate those times when we finally manage to capture part of our dream.