Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bears Go To The Movies

Regal Cinemas is offering free movies on a first come first serve basis this summer. It is on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10:00 am. They are older movies but good ones. Loving to watch movies in the theater we decided to test the waters and took Teagan and Kaitlyn to see Horton Hears a Who.

The bears being so young have never been in a theater before. We luckily found a small row of just four seats. Perfect to corral two little ones. Daddy was sent to get popcorn, a movie treat they get at home and absolutely love. They looked around and didn’t really want to roam. Seeing all the people and being in a new environment satisfactorily filled their senses. Daddy came back with a huge bag of popcorn and even bigger drinks. I have no idea what he was thinking. His excuse was “It looked smaller on the shelf.” I brought cups and gave each of the girls there own popcorn and we were set to watch the film.

Once the lights went out they got very still. I was afraid of them getting scared so I hyped it up a bit and clapped my hands announcing the movie was about to start. Teagan turned to her Daddy and said “Dark.” “Yes, it’s for the movie to start.” My bright one then replied “I need my flashlight.” I’m sure that wouldn’t have gone over well.

The first few minutes of the movie I didn’t even watch. I was gazing at my little girls. Listening to Kaitlyn laugh and laugh at the images bouncing over the screen. Smiling as Teagan held the same piece of popcorn unable to think about any other action than watching the movie. This was a big day. Huge for me as I love going to the movies and have missed such simple pleasures since we started our family. Yes I’m going to be subjected to kid friendly and sometimes brain numbing movies for the next few years but it has finally arrived. Movie night is back!

Think again.

About twenty minutes into the flick Kaitlyn started to fidget. She no longer wanted her popcorn or gallon of fruit punch. I tried to hold her and let her stand in our row but she wanted out. Sacrifices have to be made so I scooped her up and headed for the wings. Another little tot was there so they walked with each other a bit. Kaitlyn would get to the end of the hallway and come back. She would pause and watch the screen then come back to me. I felt she was sufficiently calm so I took her back to the seats. Five minutes later and we were gone again. This time the hallway was no longer acceptable. I tried but it was just not going to work. Ready to pack it in I saw Daddy and Teagan gathering our stuff and coming down towards us. Apparently Teagan didn’t like us being gone and started to get fidgety as well.

All in all we watched 45 minutes of the movie. No true loss. It was free so we were only out some drinks, popcorn, and stripped of the aspiration of seeing some summer movies.

To see the theaters in you area participating in the Free Summer Movies here is a link to Regal Cinemas website.

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