Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What Did She Say?

Kaitlyn has started to stretch her vocabulary. She of course has the normal words; Momma, Dadda, bottle, Bibi (her blanket). Actually she has over twenty words and one sentence she uses on a semi-daily basis. I know this because at her Doctor’s check-up we were told she should have at least ten words and being neurotic I immediately started to count to verify that yes our second child is also brilliant. The Doctor verified that Kaitlyn having a full sentence does indeed make her a genius. She didn’t use the word genius but she said above average which is basically the same thing.

In this process of learning new words and how to use new words there is a lot of gibberish that is used. Some if it can actually take the shape of a word but most is just learning how to unfold the sounds. Which results into a lot of “What?” and her getting frustrated and having a fit. Luckily Kaitlyn’s fits are short lived as most of the time one of us can figure out her dilemma.

Some gibberish she has decided she likes and uses regardless of word value or not. For instance she has named Teagan “Roe-roe.” I have no idea how it came about but I think it is cute and after weeks of being called this Teagan has accepted it as well.

Also with the word formation comes parental impression. What we or even her Grandparents think she is saying. Kaitlyn’s Poppy will swear that in the grocery store she saw me walking past the isle and said “Here I am Momma.” That would be huge. She would have used a full sentence, with proper structure, and meaning. This is plausible and I might truly buy that one. However the Hubby insists that my darling daughter Kaitlyn said to me after I gave her a juice cup, “Thank you Momma, I love you best.” She knows the words thank you, Momma and I love you but does she know to string them into such a complex sentence with thought?

That settles it she is a verified genius.

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