Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Storytime Live!

I want to send out a special thank you to Jen over at TheSuburbanMom. She always has great deals, coupons, reviews, in-sights on being a Mom and giveaways. She recently hosted a giveaway for tickets to go see Storytime Live! The show has different Nickelodeon characters from Ni Hao, Kai-lan, The Backyardigans, The Wonder Pets, and of course Dora the Explorer. All hosted by Moose and Zee.

Well, I WON!!!Daddy and I decided to take the biggest fans, Teagan and Kaitlyn. I was leery to tell the girls too many days in advance that we were going. They do not do well with time management. I was also a tad worried about making it through the entire show. We have taken the girls to two movies so far; the first one they didn't last twenty minutes and they only lasted through the second because of carefully timed popcorn and candy.

Two days before the show I told the girls they were going. They got excited for about five minutes and then went about their day. They didn't regain their excitement, even though I kept reminding them, until we got to the theater. I think all the kids around was what got them.

I am happy to report we made it through the entire show. And they LOVED IT!! They clapped and laughed and yelled "no swiping!" to Swiper.

First was Kai-lan. The Monkey King wanted Kai-lan and friends to invite the Giant Pandas to his party. Cute. The girls liked it. Kaitlyn still talks about the pandas.

Next was The Backyardigans. The crowd went nuts when the music started for them. I was even happy because they are my favorite out of all the shows. Austin was Mayor Stinkypants of Filthingham and wouldn't let anyone bathe. So Pablo, Robin Hood the Clean had to save the day.

Following The Backyardigans was an intermission. We could have done without the intermission. Potty breaks and all is understood but in general it caused fidgeting and rumbling of children; one of whom took their parents phone holster and through it over the balcony and hit Daddy on his head. No worries, he was fine. As the show was just about to resume Teagan decided she needed to go potty. So we missed the first few minutes of the next act.

The Wonder Pets were on hand to help Ollie the Bunny with his tea party in Wonderland. That story was not a typical Wonder Pet adventure and I think because it had so many characters made the girls lose interest.

The final act was the most anticipated. The children in the audience went wild for the super star Dora the Explorer. I thought Kaitlyn was going to lose it when she saw Boots the Monkey. She grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me saying "It's Boots! Mommy, it's BOOTS!!" Poor Boots was put under a spell and Dora had to go through three steps to become a "true" princess to set him free.

I'm sure you are not surprised to find out that she "did it."

The finale was a dance number with several main characters. All the children sang and clapped. It was a wonderful show which even Daddy and I enjoyed.

Kaitlyn and Teagan talked about the show and characters for over a week. This is huge since things wane with them rather quickly.

Thank you again TheSuburbanMom. Without the giveaway we wouldn't have been able to go and although my girls loved it and had such a wonderful time you gave me a beautiful memory that I will have forever.

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