Monday, August 16, 2010

Around the House

Things heard around the house this weekend.

Teagan ~ Kaitlyn and I are Super Hero's.
Me~ Really?
Kaitlyn ~ Yeah, I'm Yucky Kaitlyn and she's Stinkin' Teagan.
Me~ Uh, okay.

Kaitlyn ~ Damn it!
Me~ WHAT did you just say?
Kaitlyn ~ D-a-m-n it.
(I blame her Daddy.)

Daddy jumps from around the corner in front of the girls and roars.
Teagan ~ You just scared the crap out of me.
(Again, I blame her Daddy.)

Teagan ~ Bring the peanut butter over here.
Daddy is walking by ~ Peanut butter?! You don't have peanut butter in your bedroom, do you?
Teagan ~ Laughs ~ No Daddy. We are using our imagination.
(I blame Mommy.)

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