Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Floyd Isn't Well

Floyd came home with a cold. I gave him his antibiotics morning and night. I’ve never been sneezed on by a cat and it was rather gross as a booger flew out his nose and on to my hand. But he seemed to get better as the week went on. I had a follow-up veterinarian appointment with the SPCA in two weeks to get his last shot and general check up.

I noticed the day before his check up his left eye looked watery and droopy. When I took him in I mentioned it and the veterinarian did a dye check in his eye and said that he had a scratch on his eye and gave me an ointment to apply to his eye twice a day.

After two days of the ointment Floyd’s eye looked worse so I decided to take him to a local veterinarian. They luckily squeezed his in that day. Turns out that Floyd had a scratch but more importantly had conjunctivitis in both his eyes. The new veterinarian said that the ointment only twice a day was useless. He gave me a different antibiotic and different ointment and said if it didn’t look better in three days to come back.

Friday night Floyd’s eye didn’t look improved enough so I called the veterinarian and got an appointment for the next day.

Floyd has three ulcers on his eye. There are three things we could have done. One – Put a cone on his head and see if he is the one causing the damage while continuing treatment. Two – Sew his eye shut and let it constantly be moisturized and out of harm’s way, also with the cone and continued treatment. Three – Take him to an ophthalmologist and see what they would like to do.

I chose option one. So far his eye seems to be improving. We have two more days of intense treatment to see if this is going to work before we have to take more extreme measures. All prayers are welcome.

The really sad part is he hates the cone. He sleeps most of the day and at other times looks sadly at you saying with his eyes “please take this off me.” I’ve tried to take it off and let him relax a bit. But as soon as I do he wants to lick and rub his eye. The last time I tried to allow him some freedom he went for his eye and when I pushed his paw back he took both paws and rubbed as hard as he could trying to get in any rubbing before I pulled both his paws back and returned the cone. It was such a toddler kind of move I laughed even though it was pitiful at the same time.

Every time I see him all I can think of is the movie Up with the “cone of shame.” My poor kitty.

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