Monday, July 26, 2010

First Board Game

Hubby and I are gamers at heart. We love to get together with friends and play traditional and non-traditional games. Hubby likes the non-traditional such as Settlers of Catan, The Great Dalmuti, and Munchkin. I completely understand if you have never heard of these games but some of them are quite fun and I’d play all of them over Monopoly any day. ESPECIALLY Monopoly with my best friend. Love her but you have never seen cut throat insanity until those dice are in her hands.

Since we love games so much we have often talked about how much fun it is going to be when our girls are old enough to have family game night. It was going to be a huge perk of being a parent. The girls being so close in age I wanted to wait on an actual board game until Kaitlyn was 3. We have played the Go Fish mechanical game and the flipping Ants in The Pants game. All fun but lacking in the set in stone rules.

I knew Candy Land would be one of the, if not the, first game I bought for the girls. Out shopping last week I saw an “original” version and decided to get it. “Original” meaning it wasn’t computerized, jumbo sized or modernized with some Nickelodeon character.

After dinner Hubby brought out the game and you would have thought it was Christmas. Teagan was beside herself happy. As Daddy set up the game he explained how to play to the girls. It took us some time to fully pick our colored guys. Kaitlyn has only really played with dolls so she didn’t want to let her guy go. Certainly a precursor to what was about to happen.

Being their first board game we had to say the rules over and over. How to pick up only one card. How to move to the colored squares on the path. Staying on the path. Within the first two minutes this proved to be too much for Kaitlyn. She didn’t complain, or whine, or throw a fit of any sort. She calmly got up from the table, walked into the living room and called for me to turn on Cinderella for her. I guess she’s not ready.

Teagan, Daddy and I continued with our game. Teagan got noticeable better through the game. Counting her squares and moving along. The destination cards threw her for a loop but she took the explanation okay. Or so I thought.

We were close to the end and Teagan got a destination card that threw her back behind me. She was okay with moving until she saw I was going to finish before her. Her patience was frayed and I saw it in her eyes. We moved a few more squares and ran out of cards. That broke her. I’m not sure if she thought that was it and the game would just be left in limbo. Her face went red as she started grumbling incoherently with sparse words of “no” and “but…but” came out. Trying to explain that I just need to shuffle was no use so I just did it and quickly set the cards back up.

Two more moves and I won. Teagan at this point started inner whining and tears started to glisten in her little eyes. I quickly told her that she still needed to keep playing so her or Daddy could win. She ended up winning but was worse for the wear.

Normally she would want to do it again but no fuss was made and she actually looked relieved to be packing up the pieces. My poor little girl. It was just this side of too much. Although I wish I had videotaped it since it was the culmination of every raw emotion I’ve ever seen in her all in 15 minutes. We will play again and soon, it is part of growing up. Even if it stole a little bit of her innocence.

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