Monday, January 4, 2010


Another year gone and now a new year to look expectantly to with hopes of improvement. So far my new year’s resolutions have not made it the entire year. Except one. A few years ago I resolved to send birthday cards to family and friends. It was a good one for me to take the time to remember the people so important in my life and it made them feel good knowing I did. This actually lasted a few years before the cost of time, materials and stamps were outweighing the results. I guess in this era I could switch to e-cards.

This year is going to be tough for several reasons. I guess I should label this year the bite the bullet year or maybe the suck it up year. Some aspirations cost more than others but that is what makes it worth it.

#1) As of today my amazing husband is going to be a student again. He is going to need study time, homework time, reading time, basically extra time that is going to come out of “our” time. This sucks so badly. I’m going to have to pick up the slack where he has to let it go. Amazing hubby is not like the majority of men. He helps around the house, with the kids, with cooking and basically everything else. Now with his new endeavor I don’t expect him to do as much as he does now. That means I have to. I will suck it up because he deserves this. I hated school. Barely made it through and really do not want to add on to my degree for anything. Even though challenging, Hubby liked school and learning for him is easy and has enjoyment value but overall this offers stability for his career and our family. I will make sure the sacrifice he is making will not be overburdened with things I can do. And that means not complaining about it too. Suck it up.

#2) My next resolution is to blog two times or more a week. This sounds easy but it really is not. I don’t want to spew out words just to post them. I want offer some humor or insight for my readers. Since I became employed (have I said how happy it makes me to have a job? I’m so happy.) it has become even more difficult to find time to write. Even my ideas are fewer since my main muses are my girls and I get less time with them because of working. However I love to write. I enjoy trying to create, with words, the anecdotes I want to share. Besides I relish reading the comments. In order to do this I’m going to have to give up some mind numbing surfing on the net or Facebook time. These silly things help me unwind and de-stress but I’m going to have to bite the bullet and write. I will have to de-stress with resolution number three. I am sure I will “cheat” and post a picture once and awhile but I will bite the bullet and devote time to write for you, my dear readers.

#3) Three resolutions? You are asking yourself “how freakin’ crazy are you.” How am I going to fit in another resolution? By giving up sleep. I am joining a gym. Yes like everyone’s resolutions I am trying to get healthy. I have gotten so fat that even fat clothes look bad on me. It’s very depressing. I’ve got to do something about it. I will not tell you how much I have to lose and I will not post my goals. I am holding myself accountable and refuse to let the internet community hold me accountable too. Now because of resolution one and two my extra night hours are gone so instead I’m going to wake up early and go to the gym. I love sleep so very much. This may be the very hardest of all three resolutions because I will be introducing pain and giving up my most prized hobby. Before kids I would sleep nine to eleven hours easily. Once I slept for fifteen hours and I wasn’t even sick. I just love sleep. So this would be considered the suck it up and bite the bullet resolution all in one.

A year from now my husband will be several classes smarter, my blog will be a minimum of 104 posts longer and my waist will be inches smaller. I hope.

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