Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Thousand Words Thursday 11-05-2009

It’s movie time. Your kids are nestled in their favorite chairs and you hand them which one of their favorite snacks? Candy? Popcorn? No, cherry tomatoes.

My kids eat cherry tomatoes like they are candy. And even though I love the fact that they eat vegetables and fruit, at the same time it literally turns my stomach. I hate tomatoes. Yes I like marinara and ketchup but those are cooked tomatoes so don’t bother pointing out that they are made from tomatoes.

I can actually feel bile rising in my throat as I hear their teeth puncture through the skin, the juice squirting their tongues and oozing over their teeth and gums, while the acidic pulp is gnashed with the rest of it. So this to me is a thankful and repulsive moment all in one.

Oh and they eat the entire tub of cherry tomatoes in one sitting. And asked for more.

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  1. I hate tomotoes too...My hubby loves them. My son grabbed a cherry tomato not too long ago...I thought he was going to gag once he actually bit into it!

  2. Oh, I love cherry tomatoes and really any kind of tomato, especially fresh from the garden. Sliced garden tomatoes with some salt are just divine!

    My kids don't like tomatoes all that much yet but I'm hoping they grow into it!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Sorry but that totally made me giggle!!
    Good for those kiddies, there's much worse things to make mommy sick with but hey...if tomatoes work then tomatoes it should be!!

  4. How funny. What an unusual food item they have chosen. It would seem to be more of an acquired taste.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I am finding the use of my iphone for a timer is proving to be very helpful. It seems a waste of good technology!! BLessings. Stop by again.

  5. I like tomatoes :)

    My son would sit there and pop the grape tomatoes all day if I would let him. He eats them like they are candy too.

    Better that then cookies or something :)