Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Imaginary Play

The girls were playing nicely in the living room while I cleaned the kitchen. Since I wasn't directly eyeing them you may be wondering how I know it was nice. There were no screaming or crying.

I walk into the room to scan for misplaced juice cups that need to be washed and eye the imaginary play taking place.

~ Come on doggy Kaitlyn.
~ Here you go doggy Kaitlyn.

Obediently Kaitlyn is acting like a dog and doing what her big sister tells her. And as her treat Teagan is throwing her Kix cereal onto the floor as if she was in fact a real dog.

Cute, yes.

Imaginative, yes.

Disturbed Mommy immediately in her quest to calculate just when I had vacuumed last, big yes.

I hope this imaginary play developed huge brain cells to counter act the damaged done to the other ones due to germs.

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