Monday, October 5, 2009

Moving Day

Moving is beyond difficult. It has to be one of the top ten life stresses. My childhood consisted of several moves. Moves that were job related but consisted of so many I might as well have been labeled a “military brat.” I don’t regret any of them. I was blessed to see and experience some of the most beautiful places America has to offer and best of all I didn’t have to pack or unpack. Because that is the killer about moving.

Everything has to go into a box. Even if it’s in a box it needs to go into a bigger box. And you have to pack it carefully because if that hits this it’s going to break. And once you get to where you are going you have to unpack everything and then wash it. Why? Because they were in a box. Sheets. Towels. Dishes. Spoons. Picture frames. It’s the ultimate in spring cleaning.

We are not done unpacking but the worst is behind us. Now comes the rebuilding. Finding new places to eat. Grocery stores, parks, church home. All the necessities. I do have a leg up as I moved into one of my old childhood homes. Creepy. I tuck my girls into bed in the room my Mom tucked me in. And best yet I now sleep and get frisky in the room my parents, I assume, did the same. It really isn’t that damaging to my psyche as I had an above average happy childhood. I come from a divorced home but that just gave me two extra parents to love me. There were ups and downs. Like when my entire family forgot my 16th birthday. But that is for another day, if ever, to dissect. Overall this home was a wonderful place full of happy memories and now I get to build even more with my family.

Speaking of my wonderful parents. They came up to help us move. They packed and loaded and watched the girls. And then they joined Hubby and me in the “Loopy Zone.” Here is proof.

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