Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lesson Learned

Today I was gathering several items to take to our local Goodwill store. Things I no longer needed but items that were in good condition. This stop at Goodwill was to be first before going to the park and then grocery shopping. So while Hubby was finishing on the computer I decided to load up the car with the donations.

I grab two strollers and head out the door. As I get halfway down the breezeway I hear ~clunk~ which is undeniably the sound of the door being locked. Teagan has just locked me out of the apartment. I decided to worry about it after I loaded the car and proceeded in my task. While rearranging the trunk I ponder why I only took half my keys out. I had to unlatch the car set from the house set. Now this is only a click of a ring but something I rarely do. So why did I do it today? Is the other half so darn heavy I couldn’t take it too? I couldn’t come up with a valid answer except that my guardian angel convinced me to do it because he needed a good laugh.

I go back to the apartment and yes, Teagan has locked me out. I knock. I hear footsteps that are definitely Teagan’s.

Teagan: Who’s there? (For the sake of this post all italics should be said in a sing-song voice.)

Me: It’s Mommy. Unlock the door.

Teagan: Come in.

Me: You locked me out. Unlock the door.

Teagan: Come in Mommy.

Me: Unlock the door.

Teagan: ………

Me: Go get Daddy.

I hear footsteps go away. But not the way to our bedroom where Daddy is but back into the living room where Max and Ruby is playing. (For those Noggin illiterate, Max and Ruby is a cartoon of bunny siblings where Ruby bosses the younger Max around the entire episode. Really uplifting and Teagan loves it.)


Teagan: (from a distance) Come in.

I bang on the door a few times and get the same sing-song response, Come in. No true interaction with Teagan and no Daddy. I don't know my neighbors and really don't want to meet them because they come out of their apartments annoyed at the loud woman beating on the door. Time for a different course of action.

I go around to our spare bedroom window. This means I have to go through shrubs and bushes that are no doubt bug, spider and maybe snake infested. I bang as hard as I can on these. Nothing. I bang some more. Nothing.

I would have gone to the bedroom window but our apartment is on an incline and I can’t reach the window. Throwing rocks was an option but I had the fear of busting a window in my undertaking. Back to the front door I go.

I pound on the door this time. To hell with the neighbors. Yelling at Teagan to get her Daddy. I suppose she is either tired of hearing me yell or Max and Ruby has went to commercial because I hear her little footsteps again.

Teagan: Mommy, come in.

Me: I can’t Teagan you have locked me out.

Silence. But she is still there.

Me: Teagan, unlock the door.

She wiggles the door handle.

Me: No, no, honey the lock. Turn the lock.

I hear the lock move a little but not all the way.

Me: That’s right Teagan. Move the lock a little more.

She wiggles the door handle again.

Me: No Teagan the lock. Turn the lock.


Me: Don’t ever touch that lock again!

I question Hubby why he didn’t come see about the knocking on the window or door. “I figured you’d take care of it.” Then he says it’s my fault because I didn’t tell him I was going outside in the first place. That’s just stupid. I need to tell him when I’m going to go to the car for a minute? He just didn’t want to be yelled at for choosing to watch his tennis game rather than see what the commotion was about.

All and all it was rather funny. No harm done and my guardian angel should have his fix for at least a day.

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