Monday, July 6, 2009

Manual vs Electric

Some of you may have been wondering where I was last week. Lazy? Sick? No, we decided on a moment’s notice to go camping again. I will entertain all my followers in the following days with the wonderful things we saw and did. All two of you!

Actually I have more “followers” but they haven’t registered. Please become a follower. All you need is a Google, AIM, Yahoo, OpenID or Netlog account. No you don’t have to but it would boost my ego.

Last week while camping I left my electronic toothbrush at home. This toothbrush is a Philips Sonicare. This toothbrush was forced upon me by my Mother. I don’t like electronic brushes. The vibration makes be drool and if I’m not hovering over a sink paste-spit is going to be running down my chin. Lovely image, no? I actually complained about this toothbrush morning and night for over two weeks to my half-listening husband. “I don’t have two minutes.” “This vibration is more irritating than cleansing.” Etc. etc.

So for our camping trip I ditched the brush.

The first day was fine. But the second day I didn’t feel as clean. I brushed twice that morning and twice that night. My mouth just didn’t feel fresh.

I am not a spokes person for Sonicare. I’m not getting paid. Buy hey any sponsors out there that want me to review a product, tell me where to sign. However I have got to say I love and appreciate my toothbrush now.

The first night back it was so nice to really clean my teeth that I almost did it twice for the pleasure of the hygiene. It is by far as wonderful as they say. That “just from the dentist” feeling of clean without the pain of “just from the dentist.” Now when I brush I know when my two minutes are just about up because the overall sensation is so fresh and scrubbed.

Since I have started using the Sonicare not only are my teeth cleaner but they do appear whiter and they are less sensitive to cold liquid. I was using toothpaste for sensitive teeth every other day to help my teeth not hurt with cold water. Now I just use my regular preferred Crest.

The point is, go get an electronic toothbrush. I don’t care what brand. Go cheap. Use your new toothbrush for two weeks and then go back to a manual. If after two days you aren’t completely sold on the benefits then send me a nasty email. I assure you, you won’t. Whiter teeth, less sensitivity, overall better oral health. It’s worth the drool.


  1. i love my sonicare too...

  2. I agree! I have a Sonicare too and it is awesome. It totally trumps using a manual a long shot.