Monday, July 6, 2009

Graduated to Toddler Bed

There are little reminders everyday of how big my girls are getting. Yes they grow taller and they have an almost full set of teeth. But I am pointing to the milestones they reach. Kaitlyn now eats cereal, soup and ice cream by herself. She tries to use the wash cloth to bathe herself. I’m sure her streak of independence is what has caused these instances to come sooner than most.

Tonight my littlest bear Kaitlyn is no longer in a crib. Her crib was converted into a toddler bed. She now will get in and out of her own bed for nap and night time. And of course reading time.

This is a step on the path of responsibilities. I feel that entrusting children with little tasks at a time will help them in the bigger tasks of their future.

With the new undertaking of a toddler bed Kaitlyn is so far failing. Miserably. Her new freedom is huge to her and she is getting out of bed constantly.

She runs into the hallway. I put her to bed.

She plays with toys in her room. I put her to bed.

She gets into her Sister’s bed. I put her to bed.

Even Teagan at this point is telling on her so she can go to sleep. Luckily she is a lover of sleep so I think she will catch on quicker than her impish sister did.

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