Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Genteel Raising Southern Charm

There are four grocery stores that are near to the home but I frequent Publix 98% of the time. Even when the other stores are having sales. Why? It’s because of their employees. They are helpful and actually go out of their way to help or even just to say hello.

I go shopping with Teagan and Kaitlyn and at times they are tired or just don’t want to be in a store. I have been offered bananas as Kaitlyn whines over and over again “nana, nana.” Every time we go by the bakery I have to vigorously shake my head no, as the Baker’s start reaching for cookies. And last week the Bagger gave both girls coloring books and crayons. I know that corporate Publix wants their employees to offer these things. Not so sure about the bananas but they want to build their customer loyalty with any incentive they can.

Now to the point. My girls love balloons. They prefer helium inflated ones but will take any balloon they are given. On occasion Publix has green balloons bearing their logo and the girls are so happy to get one.

We went to the park and on the way home stopped at Publix. They girls were past tired, hungry and still sweaty which I’m sure was uncomfortable. By the time we reached the checkout they were done. I was going to let Hubby check out as I took the bears to the car when I noticed I knew the cashier. This wouldn’t be abnormal except I went to high school with her and my high school is 448 miles away from where I live now. So the girls sucked it up as I chatted away.

After a pleasant chat it was time to go. Teagan who had been so good even though she was so tired stirred a little. Then she spoke up and said “Excuse me. Can I please have a balloon?” Unfortunately she was pointing to a Mylar balloon. Now of course the answer was no and Teagan took it well. But how sweet and polite is my two year old?!

And oh yeah, I’m taking all the credit for this genteel child being raised with southern charm.

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