Friday, July 31, 2009

Best Haircut I Ever Hated

I needed a haircut badly. I had been putting it off because the last time I got it cut the stylist was too busy contemplating how she was going to woo a guy she liked. Seriously. I have this strange power over people that makes them want to tell me their lives story or help them with drama issues. I don’t know why. With friends I like wielding this power because I want to help. Not so much with strangers. I also needed a cut because I have been going on interviews and I should present a professional image and not one of a haggard stay at home mom.

I might as well add that I have gotten maybe five haircuts in my life that I actually liked. And only one of those did I love. Therefore I don’t fret when I get a bad haircut as I know it will grow back.

I am saving money so I went to Empire Beauty School to get my hair cut by a stylist in training. I have gotten my hair dyed at a beauty school and it went well so I thought I would give the cut a chance. They have teachers walking around to assist and critique when needed. My stylist in training was very nice. In fact I wish her all the success in the world. She washed my hair and gave me the best scalp massage I have ever had. She worried if she was being to heavy handed and all I could do was give a reassuring moan that it was just right. As she began cutting my hair she was a lot slower but no worries as I would rather she was slow and precise than fast and cutting the crap out of my hair. About five minutes in and she was just done cutting the lower strip of hair. This was going to be a long process. The teacher came over and wanted to switch with her as there was a little girl who needed an up-do and she wanted my stylist to practice. Bonus for me, I get a teacher. The teacher took up the scissors and hair started flying everywhere. I have never seen some one so quick. There was little time for chit-chat as she finished in less than five minutes. Really and truly the fastest cut ever. So I’m surveying the hair and I have to admit it was exactly what I asked for but about an inch shorter all around. I fear this was more to do with the stylist in training than the teacher. I didn’t need a styling as I was going home and I like to play with my hair after getting it cut anyway.

My quandary with my latest cut is that it is a perfect hair cut. It was done wonderfully. However it looks bad on me. I have washed and styled my hair five times in less than 24 hours. I really am pleased with the cut. It is the best haircut I ever hated. Yes, hated. It doesn’t fit me. But it will grow and I will live. Although if I put on lip plumper I would look like Lisa Rinna. Or maybe just her fat Irish cousin.


  1. Your hair looks very chic. Did you have to work with it alot? You would look beautiful if you were bald!! love ya, aunt lori

  2. I like it too..