Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Beatles Are Dead

We have lost our last goldfish. It’s not a great loss since I really think he was the reason my tank would get dirty so fast. I told Hubby several times that the fish needed to find a new home. I would never kill something intentionally so the fish lasted long past its welcome.

He was one of four goldfish that we originally got with the tank. No one told me that having four goldfish in a tank our size would cause inhabitable conditions. One by one they started to die off until there was only one.

For some reason we decided these four fish were the Beatles. The last one left was Ringo. No real reason he was Ringo, except I like him better than McCartney. Well Ringo being the only one left started to get big. He got huge. Fattest “normal” goldfish I’ve ever seen. So the joke went from tossing him out to frying him up. If he hadn’t had those huge bulging eyes it may have actually happened. Just kidding Hubby doesn’t eat fish.

The point is I think my girls need furry animal friends.

Yesterday I caught them trying to play with the fish in our fish tank. The next day the goldfish is floating. I think someone “pet” him which led to his demise.

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