Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What is in a name?


I am stuck in the potty training world and the vocabulary that goes with it.

What do you can your…private? Or better yet what are you teaching your children to call it?

I’m teaching Teagan to call it what it is, her vagina. I just heard hundreds of women cringe. Why is this a faux-pa word? It is a vagina. The medical term is vagina. Not hoo-ha or waa-woo. Seriously I have heard these phrases.

I said vagina in front of my Mother and you would have thought I slapped her. Why, why, why she asks. Because that is the name. I don’t tell her to call her head a melon, it’s a head. My husband calls it a melon but let’s not get side tracked.

Yes I could have gone with private but I just don’t understand this horrible stigmata. I’m not using the “c” word. Okay I just heard thousands of women gasp. These are words ladies. Simply words.

So this is my question. Please leave me a comment on what you call your area or what you are having your children call it, I'm just curious.

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  1. One friend of mine called it Beauty and another friend called it Willameena.