Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stylish, Fabulous, Hip Sunglasses

I do not have luck with fancy sunglasses or any sunglasses really. For the most part I either sit on them, loose them or get them scratched up beyond use due to laziness in putting them away. Me actually buying a new pair is fraught with finding the most inexpensive and durable while trying to still retain a look of fashion.

Having acquired a gift card for Christmas I decided to splurge and buy a really nice pair of sunglasses with the promise, to myself, to treat them properly. Never have I spent so much money on sunglasses. I think I’ve only spent this much money on a purse. Once. But they are beautiful. Very stylish and the highest quality I have ever, ever owned.

Unfortunately for the past week and a half there has been no sun. No reason for me to don my new shades. In fact if I had it might have made me drive worse. Yes, I said worse.

Until today. Here comes the sun…dada, dada, da, here comes the sun. As I slip on my sunglasses there is an air that fills me. Pretty sure it was narcissism. I am stylish, I am fabulous, I am hip. Oh, uh, I have a booger.

I take off said sunglasses and blow my nose. Replacing the sunglasses my hipness returns full force. Uh, I still have a booger.

I take off my sunglasses and this time (GROSS I KNOW) look to make sure I have blown the bothersome booger out of my nose. Maybe that is it? No, not really. Just a fluke. I put back on the trendy specs. Okay now this is getting ridiculous. Either I have a booger or I don’t.

I take off the sunglasses and this time have to fiddle around the car for a napkin as I have exhausted my normal supply. Wait a minute…oh no. My stylish, fabulous, hipness inducing sunglasses are pinching my nose and making it feel like I have a huge irritating booger. My freaking luck.

Yes I tried them on at the store I guess I just didn’t leave them on long enough. Who would have thought that stylish, fabulous, hip looking sunglasses are also evil booger imitators.

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