Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Do you have a pen pal? Not your email buddies or cell phone pals. But a pen/pencil to paper pen pal. I do. And I, in truth, don’t write to them enough. Why? Because it easier to zoom the emails or pick up a phone. However, I find that I share more and deeper in my hand written prose than any email.

My pen pal writes more often than I do and I’m sure they have no idea how precious their letters really are to me. They make me push away the computer and tune out the TV to concentrate on their written word. And for a few moments I give them my undivided attention. My email friends don’t get that privilege as it is easy to read an email and still watch TV. I can only hope my letters receive the same beseeching attention. Even though it’s not a face to face tête-à-tête I can sense their essence through the letters as they can sense mine.

I know since the emails have become more frequent with my friends the actual conversations have become less. My girl friends and I use to have coffee, tea or go window shopping to catch up with what was new in our lives. We still get together but it is much less than before. Yes we are all watching our wallets but that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t be able to share an hour to sit in a park and just talk.

Don’t get me wrong I love sending and receiving emails. Some make me laugh, others cry and some question what my friend was thinking. I know I forward plenty of those too. Yet I find I am longing for some face time.

So as you peruse your Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, blogs or other social networking sites take into account what you are not sharing with your “friends.” Face time is more significant in build those connections than your mouse.

I need to go write a letter.

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