Monday, November 16, 2009

Facial Rash

Friday night was Girl’s Night Out. Nothing overly exciting; dinner and shopping. I left the kids at home with Daddy and didn’t think twice about strolling in at 9:30. Yeah, I know, wild and crazy lady. As I get older I appreciate time to talk and enjoy my friends rather than testing my stomach’s capacity for Rum Runners. We talked all through dinner and made our waiter squirm as he waited to refill our table as we chatted away. After a little shopping we stood outside talking until my feet began to hurt. It was so nice to catch up and laugh.

When I got home I was basking in my adult merriment until I realized something was wrong with Teagan. From across the room it looked like she had a light smearing of some food around her mouth. When I went to wipe it off I realized it was not food. She had a rash of some sort surrounding her mouth and spreading towards her chin. Tiny pricks the color of blood. It was flat with no raised places. I touched it an asked her if it hurt. “Yes.” So I touched her elbow, belly and hand and asked if that hurt all with the reply of “yes.” This was not a reliable test. There was no fever and as far as I could tell it was not bothering her. I decided I would wait to see what it looked like in the morning.

As I was unwinding from my evening I did what every neurotic Mother does and looked on the internet for the possible rashes. With the condition Teagan had and more importantly did not have, my mind was set at ease that it was most likely linked to something she ate and would subside. That is until I read the last rash. Petechiae. Heard of it? No because it’s a rare rash indicating internal bleeding. ~Freak out time!~

I have a Doctor in the family that I can call at the drop of a hat about anything with the girls. However it was really late at this point so I put my fear aside and wait until morning.

In the morning the rash is still there but looks a tad darker on the chin. I call the Doctor. I think it took all of Doctor’s willpower not to mock me for thinking she had Petechiae. He felt that it was definitely something she had ate and either was too spicy (she loves spicy) or had remained on her face too long and irritated it but not anything serious.

After that the day took on its normal tones. We went out to get upcoming presents for little Bear Birthday’s. At the store I looked at Teagan’s rash once again but in fluorescent lighting. And that’s when it dawn on me. This was not a rash. It was a bruise. Daddy had not watch the bears like a hawk; I do not hold this against him as he is not a neurotic Mother. I figured out that Teagan had taken a plastic cup and sucked it onto her face so it would stick and left it too long. I have seen her do this and immediately pulled it off and told her no. Left to her own this apparently will cause blood pricks to come to the surface of her little face that appear as a rash and trigger neurotic Mother into action.

So what did we learn? Teagan is naughty. Daddy needs to tap into his hovering abilities. Mommy is neurotic yet when forced to be, logical. The internet is an co-conspirator to all irrational fears.

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