Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pout Away

Teagan has never really pouted. Occasionally she will feel deprived or gypped but being older she will either claim her birth rite as oldest or whine and complain until the wrong is corrected.

Kaitlyn on the other hand pouts. Full on pouts. She realizes the injustice, stops in mid-track, and hangs her head until her little chin rests on her chest, puckers up her lips and emits a low throaty moan. It would be rather pitiful display if it wasn’t so darn cute. Kaitlyn still gets her desired response. Mommy swoops her up and makes her laugh and she forgets any injury.

One day a spin with a hug will not make her forget but until then I will fix any problem she has. I love taking care of my girls and I love them letting me do so. I’ve recently been reminded how quickly life changes and in turn I have a renewed desire to relish every moment of my life with my girls and hubby. So pout away little Kaitlyn it just gives me another excuse to hug on you.

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  1. That's genetic. And this post should be accompanied by a picture.