Monday, October 12, 2009

New to the Community

In order to have a successful blog there are a few things that are helpful. First you should have content that is worth reading. Something to say that people who aren’t your Mother would log on to read every day. This, I am working on.

Secondly you should have a way for people to follow you. Link to you. And now I am finding out Twitter you as well. Google Friend was very easy. Twitter I was SO reluctant to do and now I’m ashamed to say I’m hooked. I search events, blogs, people. Mainly famous. I have no idea what the draw is but it’s got me. Hopefully, as with any new fad I try, the appeal will diminish to a mere ripple of clicks a day rather than keeping an open tab devoted to it 24/7.

Now the button and link to grab my button was not as easy. This required knowledge of html. Which, I am beyond ignorant about. I know what it stands for and can recognize it but to translate it into a form that I could use or even know how to use looked to be a daunting task. So I Googled “How to make button for blog.” It lead me to Following The Footsteps (look code!!). It so happens that she is a blogger that is also a dabbling blog designer and has another site Jenieshell’s Design Challenge (ha, I did it again) which explained oodles of stuff. Not only explains it, she has the best laymen’s terms to help out the challenged. Like me. Now thanks to Jen I have a button and a way for other bloggers to grab my button. I seriously yipped “Rock On!” when it actually worked.

Last but not least the thing you need most in creating a great blog is other bloggers. One step at a time I will figure this blogging thing out. Especially with help from all the wonderful bloggers I have so far been honored to encounter.

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  1. Again glad I could help!! Everything I learned was from Google which then led me to tutorials!! Don't you just LOVE GOOGLE!!