Friday, October 23, 2009

Job Hunting Debacle

How I hate looking for a job. It is not getting easier. It seems everyone needs a job and there just aren’t enough jobs for the seekers. I have been out of work for 472 days. Now I’ve only been looking for 422 days. And I did move to Atlanta and back to central Florida during this time but my resume has this unemployment gap that is getting bigger and bigger. I might have to start lying and saying I took of time to work on my novel.

In this seeking process I have had to weed out all of the scams and sales jobs. Not to offend anyone but I don’t do sales. I’m not good at sales therefore I would starve on a commission job. Unless downing bottles of Pepto-Bismol for the stress counts as food. Work at Home. Make $75.00 an hour. Lies or just crap I wouldn’t do. Yet somehow one deceptive little one fell through the crack.

I got a hit from my resume and from what I could tell from the reply it was legitimate although a little form-ish on the request for an interview and the subsequent reply back. I suppose being just this side of desperate caused me to overlook the fine print.

I get “business attired” up and head off to my interview. I am a secretary, executive secretary, administrative coordinator, clerical guru if you will. I lay this out as the next scene seems out of place. I drive into the parking lot of where my interview is to take place. There is an abundance of people also in “business attire” parking and walking towards where I assumed my interview location was. Quick thinking I rolled down my window and asked a spiffy guy if he was going to the “XYZ Company” interview. He said yes and kindly told me there was extra parking in the back. I thanked him and drove right out of that parking lot.

Bamboozled. Hoodwinked. Duped. Tricked. Found a wool hat and made a blindfold.

No one. NO ONE, mass hires a secretary. I was so disappointed in myself for not spotting a sales job. And even more annoyed that I had put on panty hose in 90 degree weather!

The emphasis to get a job has been noticed by my children. As I was leaving the house yesterday for a real interview (which went well) my almost three year old, Teagan, told me “Mommy, go get a job.” Oh, if she only knew.

Are you hiring? I’m a damn good clerical guru. Plus I bake.

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