Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween 2009 - Hail the Heroes

Tomorrow will be my girl’s first trick or treating. We are going to a venue that is hosting an event rather than walk our neighborhood. I’m still a little antsy of doing that due to the surrounding neighborhoods not so much ours. I’m so very excited.

My first memory of trick or treating was dressing up as Raggedy Ann and going to a private Halloween party. My Mom picked it out and even though I didn’t want to be her the costume was really cute and I felt special in it. Maybe that was because my Mom had made most of the costume. I remember the party being scary and fun at the same time. The entire house was decked out in spider webs and had severed hands, bats and other Halloween ghoulish delights. We bobbed for apples, were blind folded and stuck out hands in spooky things that turned out to be spaghetti instead of worms and jell-o instead of brains. I had so much candy I clearly remember not being able to fall asleep and listening to my parents snore.

What were you your first Halloween? Did you pick it yourself? I chose for my girls last year when we went to Hubby’s work for lunch and I chose this year. I suppose next year Teagan might pipe up and want to be something particular. Until then I give you the super heroes.

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  1. I love it! My daughter was in the same costume! My son ALMOST went as batman. (how funny.)