Wednesday, October 28, 2009

First Pumpkin Carving

Today we carved our pumpkin. I found several free templates at Scissor Crafts for Children and let the girls decide on which design they wanted. I really wanted Jack Skellington but the girls wanted the silly face. At least I didn’t have to do a cat or ghost but a real pumpkin face.

I sliced off the top and let the girls scoop out the middle. They both refused to use their hands but wanted a spoon to do the dirty work. I know they are girls, but this not getting sullied issue gets exasperating. Sharing was tested in this activity. Teagan did not want to share and showed it. Vehemently. Happily we got through it with little complaining and no tears. Not even from me.

Since the bears are so young I did the actual carving of the pumpkin. Teagan coached me and Kaitlyn nibbled on the pieces I pulled out so they technically helped the entire time. As my hand started to cramp half way through I was appreciative they didn’t choose a more intricate face. Slowly but surely we finished it and I didn’t break any of the face. I have a tendency to compromise a smile or eye during the process. All in all I think it’s the best pumpkin I’ve ever carved.

We put a candle in it and lit it up. The girls loved it. When I blew out the candle Teagan told me to turn the pumpkin back on.

I took the seeds and roasted them with some red pepper and salt. Hubby hates pumpkin anything so this is always my personal treat. Unfortunately it seems Kaitlyn likes them as much as Mommy and I was forced to share.

The night was completed by watching It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown lounging on the floor with Daddy. This is certainly a tradition I could get use to.

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