Thursday, September 17, 2009

That's Genetic

For those of you who are curious about the "anonymous" comment on the feet picture, it was from my husband. Every time something is said or referenced in any way to Teagan’s feet he brings the “that’s genetic” comment back.

This all started after one of Teagan’s first doctor visits after her birth, which Daddy took her to without me. I’m not positive that I was already back to work but I can’t imagine I was just sitting at home eating bon-bons while he took my first born to be scrutinized by a medical professional.

After the visit I needed full details due to being a neurotic smother-mother, and proud of it. Apparently during the visit the doctor commented on Teagan’s toes.

Before I finish this let me state that Teagan’s pediatrician was Dr. Deborah L. Marcus in Orlando, Florida. Dr. Marcus is the best pediatrician we have ever seen and we have seen five at this point. If I could I would drive down to Florida for my girl’s appointments to see Dr. Marcus I would. I respect Dr. Marcus’ opinion and would listen and follow any advice she gives when it comes to my kids.

Back to the comment. Dr. Marcus was looking over Teagan. Counting the fingers and toes. She stopped. Looked at Husband. Pointed at her toes and said “That’s genetic.” In a tone, described by Husband, that if you don’t have it and your wife doesn’t have it…

Now knowing Dr. Marcus I don’t think she was insinuating to go check some toes to verify fatherhood. I think she was just pointing out a gene. But Husband thinks it is still funny to this day and says it at least monthly.

What’s the gene? If you look at the feet picture the largest set of feet is Teagan’s. Her second and third toe is slightly joined at the bottom. I have this feature. My Mom has this feature.

Kaitlyn does not have the joined toes. That’s because she is the identical female version of her Father!

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