Thursday, July 9, 2009

Adios Nap Time

Teagan and Kaitlyn are only a year apart. Due to the closeness of age I tend to treat each of them the same with little regard for “age appropriate” matters. Since Kaitlyn still drinks a bottle so does Teagan. Yes she shouldn’t at this age but I’m don’t own stock in Motrin and really have an aversion to unnecessary battles. This results in Teagan enjoying younger things longer and Kaitlyn getting gypped sooner. I think that’s why we put off potty training so long. This, by the way, is still going wonderfully. A night time accident here and there but for the most part the worst three days of our lives followed by harmony.

Teagan is almost three (holy crap how did that happen?) accordingly she has exhausted her need for naps. She will still take one but it’s much shorter and 90% of the time not required. On our camping trips this is different because we run her little butt ragged and the short dose in the car in-between stops is more for recovery. Plus when Teagan doesn’t take a nap she goes to bed with only half of the normal fight. I think that with Kaitlyn having an open bed this will prove useful as Teagan is the primary instigator of naughtiness.

I am saddened that the nap is about to go away. This hour to two hours was my break in the day. I could take a shower, surf the internet, watch something besides cartoons, clean or even, dare I say it, take a nap myself. I love sleep. I can easily sleep for twelve hours. To me an occasional nap in the afternoon is better than chocolate. But alas Teagan is ready and the benefits out vie my little afternoon reward. Of course Kaitlyn still needs her nap, she’s like her Mommy, and therefore Teagan will have to be quiet during this time. I think I will try to make it an educational hour with learning to reading and maybe some crafts. I plan on separating the girls occasionally for one-on-one time later in life so they don’t feel they are always sharing. I guess this will be the beginning of Teagan and Mommy time.

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