Thursday, May 21, 2009

Muffin Nose

My two year old, Teagan, has had a cold/cough for six days. Enough to be annoying but not enough to warrant going to the Doctors. Being a good Mommy I have of course caught her cold. How couldn’t I considering I hold her and kiss on her. Comforting her to go to sleep or just to relax is my job. Teagan is almost better. Just a touch of the cough and her voice is normal and doesn’t sound like she has taken up the habit of cigar smoking. I on the other hand have at least two more days to go.

Having an Ultra-Wonderful Husband, he cooked dinner tonight so I could rest. My UWH even cooked cornbread muffins. So warm and yummy straight from the oven with some butter and honey. They were done early so he gave each of us one as a pre-dinner snack.

Enjoying my muffin and of course surfing my many addictive blogs, I go into a coughing fit. I suck in for air and with it came the muffin. Up and out my nose. So now I’m trying to get muffin air and not laugh and spewing it out my mouth as well. Composing myself, I swallow what I can and wipe up the rest. As well as pull chunks, CHUNKS out of my nostrils. Lesson learned. Don’t eat flaky muffins if the possibility of coughing exists.

Oh and yes, three hours later I just sneezed up more muffin.

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