Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wii Fit

For Mother's Day this year my husband was extra wonderful. I won't get into the details but I did almost nothing and the world is still turning and in good order.

So if I'm not writing to regale you with either how he missed the ball or making you jealous of the wonders that he bestowed, then why? Because a present I received was played with by the entire family and just has to be seen. Hubby got us a Wii Fit.

Now don't get defensive. This was not a hint from hubby to lose weight. It was something that I have wanted since they came out. Some what to lose weight and be "fit" and also because I love the Wii and thought the added component would be extra fun. Well it is. I Hula hooped my way to a sore hip. No old jokes please. I laughed at hubby dancing and doing yoga. But I truly enjoyed my toddler girls participating in the fun. Family game night is off in the distance but something I've been looking forward to since conception. Okay maybe not conception but awhile. And to speed up the process a little by knocking soccer balls or skiing on the Wii is great. So I've attached some of the best photos. There are none of me as this is my day and laughing at me is not allowed. Also there are no pictures focused on hubby as I would not like the return favor.

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